Optimize your SEO reporting

SEO dashboards should be ready with your morning coffee. Optimizing them can save up to 90% of the time that your team is currently wasting on cleaning data and creating the same reports every time.
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SEO data tools for marketing teams

No matter if you are an agency, enterprice or freelancer. Our data helps you streamline your reporting tasks. Stream Google search Console & SERP Data straight to your datalake or datawarehouse so
you can dive right in. We provide free datastudio dashboards so you can
get up and running ASAP 🚀

Extend your view on search console data

Flipstream GSC

Whether you manage 2, 200 or 2000 properties, our shared team environment allows you to manage them all, easily in one place.
Get access to 50 times more detailed insights
Start saving more than 16 months of data
Leverage our free datastudio dashboards
First Google Search Console property forever free!
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Dashboard mockup
Stream the SERP straight to your datawarehouse

Flipstream SERP Scraper

A SERP scraper that sends the SERP data nicely organized to your datawarehouse, so that you can start visualizing instantly.
No need to worry about cleaning data
No hassle with API's and proxies yourself
Easily manage SERP data with SQL
Build for example your own internal rank tracker
Besides tooling

How can we support your data journey?

Reporting is a pain in the 🐝, right? It always takes forever, always the same boring steps. And who has the time to optimize this? That is where our support team comes in like the A-Team to solve your problems, and we even got our own McGuyver!

Have us set up your automated SEO reports

We know: SEO reporting is boring. We all want it automated. But we don’t all have the actual time to optimize the flow. We’ve done this many times, so happy to help!

We build your internal tooling needs

We love a data challenge. Marketing and beyond. If you have an idea that needs to be build, we are happy to help and develop it for you. As if we are your internal data & dev team!

Need data engineers?

We have a team of data engineers that we can outsource directly to extend your team. They work remote from Brazil to support any of your long term data needs. Or if you want we help them immigrate to the Netherlands.

Flipstream as your data partner

We work with with scoped projects, clear deadlines and deliverables.
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